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Weight Loss Supplements Specialist


Medical Weight Loss Specialists located in Friendswood, TX

The best way to lose weight is with a comprehensive plan including a healthy diet and some exercise, but weight loss supplements can speed up your progress. At RxBODYFx in Friendswood, Texas, Eleanor Hethcox, DNP, and the team can help you add effective, physician-grade weight loss supplements to your custom health plan. Schedule your consultation by calling RxBODYFx or clicking the online booking tool today.

Weight Loss Supplements Q&A

What are weight loss supplements?

Weight loss supplements are dietary aids taken by mouth alongside a healthy diet. They work in various ways to promote faster, healthier, and more efficient fat loss. 

There are a few weight loss supplements available with different formulas, and the RxBODYFx team helps you choose one that might work well for you. They include various ingredients like:

  • Caffeine
  • Herbs
  • Dietary fiber
  • Minerals

It’s important to remember that weight loss supplements and other dietary supplements are not medications. While you might experience some benefits from taking them, they won’t cure any disease. The RxBODYFx team can answer your questions about any recommended supplements before you start taking them. 

How do weight loss supplements work?

There are several ways that weight loss supplements help stop you from gaining weight or to accelerate body fat reduction. Most weight loss supplements work in one of these three ways:

Reducing your appetite

Part of the reason why you might be struggling to lose weight is due to an increased appetite. By suppressing your drive to eat, you can consume fewer calories overall. 

Reducing calorie absorption

Some supplements stop you from absorbing all of the fat from the foods you eat. In turn, your body doesn’t store it. 

Increasing your ability to burn fat

Supplements that work in this way help you burn more calories when you exercise. Some of them do so by increasing your energy. 

How can I get the best results from my weight loss supplements?

The team at RxBODYFx specializes in comprehensive weight loss programs. While all of their recommended weight loss supplements are safe, effective, and backed by science, you probably won’t see results by using them without consideration to your diet and lifestyle.

The RxBODYFx team helps you implement a personalized meal plan from a medical nutritionist. They also help you increase exercise so you can burn as many calories as possible to manage your weight. 

While weight loss supplements aren’t magical cure-alls that reduce your weight on their own, they work very well when coupled with a comprehensive weight loss plan. You’ll come to RxBODYFx for regular follow-up visits in person and with telemedicine so the team can track your results and make sure you’re safely using your weight loss supplements. 

Physician-grade weight loss supplements can enhance an already effective personalized weight management plan. To set up a consultation, call RxBODYFx or request an appointment online today.