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Core Wellness Membership

Ready to start your wellness journey? At RxBODYFx, we offer comprehensive membership plans that include easy-to-follow nutritional plans, medical supervision, and 1-on-1 support. We’re committed to guaranteeing results and helping you stay motivated.
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It’s All About You

The RxBODYFx team is committed to supporting you on your weight loss journey. Before we start working with you, we first ensure to evaluate your medical history, lab results, physical activity patterns, and your current lifestyle. We examine your eating habits and goals and analyze any roadblocks you may be experiencing.

Once we have an understanding of your needs, obstacles, and weight loss goals, we’ll put together a wellness plan. It will include lifestyle changes—tackling issues like lack of sleep, stress levels, hydration levels, and activities—behavior modifications, and effective and impactful supplements, including nutritious diet plans, nutraceuticals, and so on.

Why Our Core Wellness Membership?

Our wellness care plans are specific to your needs and will also include in-person or virtual visits, where we work together to guarantee progress. To ensure you stay on track, we offer ongoing support and biometric monitoring.

Using at-home or on-site devices and sensors, we monitor your weekly blood pressure and weight and take a blood test to measure real-time improvements as you progress through your program. We will continuously fine-tune your wellness plan, making adjustments that teach you new strategies and techniques and give you tools that determine long-lasting results.

How You Can Benefit

Achieve better medical results than unmonitored patients

Access efficient, quicker, and more individualized healthcare services

Gain more comprehensive and detailed health records and reports

Benefit from a two-way accountability system with our providers

Increase your success rate and stay on track with daily encouragement, support, feedback, and real-time instruction

More Than Just Office Visits

In order to reach your health and wellness goals, the RxBODYFx team provides guidance through on-site or virtual physician-approved programs and effective tools and resources. Our goal is to encourage you to lead a healthier lifestyle and progress on your weight loss journey.

With virtual coaching, you can improve your health and wellness from the comfort of your home while also cutting down on traveling costs. With our secure online system, you can track your progress, journal while on the go, receive education, and contact a coach for immediate support. Research has shown that clients who receive weekly, web-based coaching sessions and constructive feedback tend to be more successful when it comes to losing weight.

How You Can Benefit

Expert fitness and wellness coaching

FDA-approved medication

In-app monitoring and evaluation of your weight, body composition, and BP

Customized diet and exercise plans

Direct and immediate contact with your care team via an app

Our At-Home Equipment

STRIVE Activity Tracker

Keep track of the steps taken, distance covered, and calories burned with a wireless activity tracker.

BEAT Blood Pressure Cuff

With this FDA-approved device, you and your care team can monitor your heart rate and blood pressure in real-time.

BALANCE Smart Scale

Measure and monitor your weight, body mass index, body fat, lean mass, hydration, and visceral fat with our east-to-use smart scale.

balance scale

Our Monthly Membership

strive activity tracker
  • Track your weight loss progress with weekly weigh-ins or check-ins (either in person or virtually).
  • With our quality tools and devices, you can receive accurate body composition analyses and regular monitoring reports.
  • We offer access to a professional medical nutritionist who fine-tunes your nutrition and fitness coaching plans to meet your specific needs.
  • With our 1-on-1 coaching sessions, you can set effective and achievable goals and experience two-way accountability.
  • Our medical provider will monitor your health and provide you with the necessary medication adjustments.
  • Stay in direct contact with your care team through our user-friendly app.
  • You can gain access to our digital library and numerous resources, articles, blogs, recipes, and more.
    With our monthly membership, you’ll also be eligible for exclusive membership perks and discounts.

More Membership Benefits

  • Maximize fat loss and improve your body composition with personalized plans.
  • Cut down on cravings and unhealthy habits and maintain a positive lifestyle and behavior changes.
  • Enjoy continuous support and note significant improvement in overall energy levels, sleep, cognitive function, BP, and more.
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