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Medical Weight Loss


RxBODYFx Offers an innovative medically supervised cutting-edge Weight Loss Program with real and remarkable results. We offer our patients world-class Medical Weight Loss that is fully customizable to your specific needs and goals. RxBODYFx provides scientifically based and medically proven weight loss programs that allows our patients to attain their healthy ideal body size while at the same time improving their overall appearance and health. Whether you are coming in to lose 20, 50, or 200 pounds know that we will have a specific plan for you!

Many women and men have gained additional weight due to work schedules, sedentary lifestyles, depression, hormonal imbalances, genetics, pregnancy, medications, diseases, diabetes, and thyroid disorders just to name a few. After failing several attempts at ineffective dieting methods many clients turn to the medical specialists at RxBODYFx for help. Our programs are personalized just for you and scientifically founded based upon your individual lifestyle, motivation and metabolism. 

Want long lasting and fast weight loss, RxBODYFx offers you the extremely comprehensive and cutting-edge weight loss program that you need for long lasting effects. Why so many diets don’t work is the fact that what works for one person may not work at all for another. We customize all of our Weight Loss Plans to make sure we turn on your body’s metabolism through options that appropriate for you such as Weight Loss Medications, Appetite Control, Meal Replacements, Supplements and More.




Coming in for a free initial consultation at our office we will be able to determine what is medically safe and suited for your weight loss. During this initial visit, we will go over vitals, BMI, current measurements, discuss your weight loss goals, and of course how soon do you want to get started on the new you!




Depending on your weight loss goals will determine the length of time needed to come back for follow up visits. We are working with you to lose weight as quickly and safely as possible. We have you come in once a week for the first 6 weeks to see how you are progressing, making sure of no side effects, nutritional counseling, lipotropic injections to help keep you on goal or speed up progress. After the first 6 weeks, it will be determined how often you will need to come back in for follow up visits.



You have reached your goal! At your exit visit we will go over your current measurements compared to when you started. Have a before and after picture! Celebrate!

Once you have completed our program your will get a discount on services going forward at our office! A reward for being dedicated to your goal!



It’s time to stop searching how to lose weight fast and actually commit to your personalized and effective medical weight loss. Stop trying all the best new weight loss pills or low carb diets, it’s time to start your individualized real medically supervised program that creates real lasting changes. Diet pills and diet plans will only get you so far and all too often these options are only temporary, now is the moment to speak with a real-life diet doctor experienced in cutting-edge weight loss interventions and techniques. Weight loss surgery can be extremely expensive and dangerous when the safest and fastest way to lose weight is through comprehensive medical management. Check out our weight loss clinic now and see how easy it is to accomplish your quick and lasting weight loss goals.

*Results will vary for each patient depending on the patient’s medical history and level of compliance with our program. 

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